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Our Mission

To create, design and provide people with their own righteous apparel, that can be worn on any occasion.
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that are provided for you.

Borders of Blue

Borders of Blue is an apparel business specializing in the craft and service of creating: Borders + Fringes, Custom Graphical Tee’s, Screen Printing and all around Tailoring. The service we provide is scoped with intricate details to assure high quality items for our customers.

We are committed to designing a Shirt just for you or print items for your events, such as: Family Reunions, Weddings, Sports, Remembrance Shirts, Business Uniform and Logo, Jackets, Hoodies, Hats, Back Packs, Coffee Mugs and more. Borders of Blue will bring your concept to life.

The Art

Screen Printing otherwise known as ‘Serigraphy’, an original and ancient art dating back to 960 – 1279 AD, which is the detailed and focus driven process of applying forced ink through a fine screen onto the surface beneath to create printed images. This application enables a wide variety of products to be designed and hand crafted. If you want to the latest updates pertaining to our catalog, subscribe today.

When the application of screen printing described above, is combined with the strategic skill of tailoring: such as embroidery, redesigns, sewing or alterations; the result is going from a regular shirt to a piece of art, delivered by Borders of Blue.

Our Values

Honesty and Integrity are strong core values to possess in all walks of life. Not just in business but in all that you put forth your hand to do. Borders of Blue tries to encourage all to operate with these core values when dealing with themselves or others: Dependability, Reliability, Loyalty, Commitment, Open-Mindedness, Consistency, Honesty and Efficiency.

We hope to enable, provide and offer those who are looking to connect back to their roots according to the Holy Scripture with a place where they can shop and know they are getting garments that have been ordained by the Most High and Christ.

Our Services

Borders of Blue provides Print Tee ordering in
bulk or single order, product customization that will
meet all of your needs, high integrity custom service and more!

  • Design + Printing

    Driving the focus toward intricately designed screen printing, we hope to always provide you with top of the line apparel.

       High Quality Designs

       Aeoon capable printing

       Hand Crafted Apparel

  • Customization

    We provide product customization that will enable you to create and design a wide range of products from Tees, Hoodies to Hats!

       Your Customization

       Variety of Products

       Mobile Friendly

  • Proficient Tailoring

    Tailoring is a service we provide to help you with any repairs, alterations, applying borders/fringes or creating a new piece of apparel.

       Borders + Fringes

       Custom Embroidery

       Enhanced Alterations

Design + Printing

A key focal point within our apparel collection, is assuring our customers of high quality products and providing new dynamically designed apparel for all occasions. Aeoon capable printing can be provided for some of our products. View the intricate quality of our products here.

  • Top Quality Design + Printing
  • Righteous Apparel for you
  • Borders of Blue Approved


Borders of Blue provides highly advanced product customization that will enable you to create and design a wide range of products from Tees, Hoodies to Hats! If you are looking for a customize-able product not available:  contact us referring to what you’d like.

  • Mobile Friendly Customization
  • Multiple Products to choose from
  • Advanced feature selection

Service + Integrity

Integrity is the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; when this value is the foundation of customer service, you can be poised in knowing that great assistance will be given. We strive to manifest this quality in building firm relationships with our customers.

  • Dependability
  • Reliability
  • Commitment.

Tailored Garments

The Blue Jay is a large, crested songbird
native to North America with bright blue coloration. Blue jays
are known to be beautiful, intelligent and highly aggressive birds.

  • Custom Embroidery
  • Borders + Sewing
  • Alterations

Screen Printing

A songbird is a bird belonging to
the clade Passeri of the perching birds. Another name that is
sometimes seen as a scientific or vernacular name is Oscines.

  • Your Idea –> Made Real
  • Quality service guaranted
  • More than just a Tee
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